Annnnnd – Scene


Today we officially signed a conventional mortgage and money is in transit to settle the private mortgage the patient and kind-hearted sellers held while we restored their beloved grandparents’ property back to dignity. We’re far from complete, but today we’re officially marking it: Yonderways, Scene I, is a wrap. We’re not ready to reveal…

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Buffet Britches & Bees


Last minute push to CO; painting, and trimming is how we spent our July 4th weekend literally every day from sun up to sun down. Maybe it’s the paint fumes, but despite our exhausted bodies, depleted budget, and the gruesome humidity our good spirits are still intact. The plumber finished…

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Countdown to C.O.


Fingers crossed we’re a week away from a CO – certificate of occupancy that is issued by the county giving us the thumbs up that renovations have been completed to code. This means our loan funds will be released to the extremely patient and kind sellers currently holding the mortgage,…

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I was asked to drop by Stone Gallery in Mills River to review the manmade slab that was ordered 3 weeks ago. I chose a quartz countertop for the soft neutral tones and because quartz is antimicrobial, completely maintenance free, and being manmade I assumed the quality control would be more…

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Once the designated dining area of the home (at least in it’s last remodel), this area has now been wired, plumbed, and vented to serve as the kitchen. Gone with much regret is the large picture window that was essentially the back wall, but a concession for cupboard space had…

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Progress (more ways than one)

I’m writing offline from the back deck of the Acorn this morning. I generally write my blogs while listening to streaming spa radio (because I’m transcendental like that). But since our power is cut, this is my soundtrack on this particular day.   Our power is cut because Duke Energy…

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Thirty Seven

This October Keith and I will celebrate 43 years together. But tomorrow, May 26, we recognize our 37th wedding anniversary. Our wedding date is not as significant to us as our first date anniversary, but traditions dictate an acknowledgement of the union. We’ve enjoyed 37 years of wedded bliss with a healthy…

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According to Internet sources the word “Tahoe” has several meanings; Tahoe is a Washoe Indian word, generally believed to mean “Big Water” or “Big Blue”. While no exact definition has ever been agreed upon, many have interpreted the word to mean many things. Mark Twain, while visiting Lake Tahoe in…

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Hissy Fit (Pictures)


Saturday morning I went there…I had a full-on hissy fit. The gist of it all – unfulfilled expectations from Friday. Rather than hashing out the boring details I will say most issues have been smoothed over but there’s no question I am emotionally and financially DONE with our restoration! The…

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